Detoxifying treatment.  
The slim press allows the functioning of very important activities:
- Press Massage
- Physical exercise
- Weight loss
- Remodelling of the silhouette
- Detoxifying treatment
- Lymphatic drainage
- Muscle pain 

How does it work?
This treatment is absolutely painless and very relaxing 

Press - Massage 
Slim press is a system for treatments of press massage specifically engineered and tested to obtain a lymph - draining effect through the application of specific leggings and armbands with different sectors, into which air is blown.

The supply of air, by this system, is controlled by a microprocessor that allows variation fo the quantity and pressure of the air on the inside of the sectors. This causes a uniform compression that binds the limb like a wave from the bottom to the top, helping the blood and lymphatic flow, together with a re-absorption of liquids from the tissues in the blood vessels.
Once re-absorbed in the blood vessels, the liquids carry with them the water retained in the tissues, which according to their dimensions end up in the blood or the lymphatic system. 
The compression obtained, reduces the space between the adipose system and the circulatory system facilitating the contact of the fat cells with the circulating substances that aid in metabolising fat.
The detoxification takes place through the lymphatic drainage.

Normally, when one undertakes any physical activity, the muscular contractions take place because of the electrical impulses that are sent to the brain, through the motor nerves, to the motor plates of the muscles. 
On this level, the impulses are transformed into chemical impulses which are then responsible for the muscle contraction. In the case of electrostimulation, certain stages are skipped and the voluntary impulse produced by the brain is substituted by an impulse of electricity generated by a device called a "muscular electro stimulator". In this way, the electric impulses that come from the electro. stimulator reach the motor plates of the muscles directly.
A so it is possible to work on muscular components while lying down, substituting the normal voluntary work with a well-localized, delimited and absolutely specific stimulation

Infrared Rays
The infrared rays process a microvascular kinetic action, that is, they increase the quantity of blood that supplies a cutaneous region, though the increase of activity of the small arterial and venous blood vessels.
An activation of the microcircuit means an increase in the amount of blood and so, an optimisation of the oxidising metabolism of fatty acids,  specifically in the area treated with the effects of the infrared rays.
It is believed that the exposition to very close infrared rays acts directly on the fat cells. This metabolic action is explicated through the exaltation of the action of the cytochromes at the mitochondrial level, that is, the energetic centre of the cells.

- In the area with bacterial infections, rashes, irritations
- In the regions of muscular hernias
- In the regions of bone fractures
- In the regions of prosthesis and materials of osteosynthesis
- Pregnant women ( not infrared )
- During the growing years
- Patients with pacemakers or implantable defibrillators
- Serious heart conditions
- In patients affected by epilepsy
- In subjects that are in particular psychophysical conditions that don't allow the exposure to external factors
- In patients who are not able to communicate 

Reactivates the circulatory system and increases oxygen in the body and so it offers many benefits, including the relief from the pain of tired limbs. It also relieves aches caused by fluid retention. Cellulite will be improved and it helps to lose volume and tone the body.

At Primas Beauty Clinic our focus is on you, so our professionals will discuss your treatment plan with you to ensure you receive the best care possible.Our mission is to provide you with the best treatment available to achieve your goals.

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