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Primas Beauty Clinic provides exclusive facial and skin treatments. Whether you are seeking to turn back the clock with our anti-ageing therapies or a hydrating treatment, we can assist you with virtually any skin issue or need.
Men are welcome as well to enjoy the satisfaction that a Primas Beauty Clinic facial can bring.

Mini Facials (30 min)   £ 50  

It will leave you with a nice glow. Your skin will feel smoother, healthier and lighter. Even just in a short session.
It is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged. A pore-refining mask is then applied, followed by a veil of light moisturiser. Mask options: Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Combination, Acne.

Spa Facial (1 hour)   £ 65


It has lasting benefits that can greatly improve the look and feel of your skin, refined pores and overall smoother complexion and will also retard the ageing process. 

Our therapist will select the most suitable facial for your skin. This includes a consultation, skin vision analysis, cleansing, exfoliation by sloughing away dead skin cells, bacteria and debris. Steam and extraction where necessary to safely squeeze blackheads, whiteheads and accumulated dirt and oil out of your pores. Personalised facial mask and finishes with an application of an intensive serum to suit your skin.

Facial for Teenagers : 50 min £ 60 


There are many benefits of facials, but for teens, in particular, facials will help clean out blackheads and clogged pores caused by oil production. Skin care products used at home can only help reduce clogged pores. It takes a professional esthetician to properly prepare and soften the skin before manual extractions can take place in a safe and effective way.

The level of the intensity of a facial is contingent on the severity of the skin’s issues. Teens tend to have skin problems, but what works for some might not work for others. An esthetician can offer advice on the best way to address a teen’s specific skin concerns.

Sensitive Skin Treatment (45 min)    £ 55

Sensitive Skin Facial.jpg
We use gentle procedures and natural products that are appropriate for this type of skin. Gentle exfoliation followed by a soothing mask and special serum. Your skin will be cleansed and calm after your facial. You will improve complexion and boost your skin’s immunity which will help to prevent future irritations.

illuminating Facial and Pigmentation Treatment (45 min)   £ 65

This is a natural skin lightening facial which gives progressively effective results. It gives clarity to sallow skin and helps to eliminate pigmentation and uneven skin problems. Works also for those who are simply looking to achieve a lighter brighter skin tone.

Collagen anti ageing Treatment (1 hour)  £ 100

The ultimate non-invasive facial to help combat signs of ageing. This facial will treat the face, eyes, lips and neck area helping to diminish lines and restore skin elasticity giving a firmer and more plump appearance. We will use ingredients such as vitamin c, plant extract and other age-defying antioxidants which will boost collagen production.

Glycolic Acid Peel ( 40 min )  £ 70

Glycolic Acid Peel .jpg
Glycolic Peel is a naturally derived acid that is used for cosmetic purposes such as blemish removal, skin brightening, and skin renewal. Commonly extracted from sugar cane, pineapple, sugar beets, cantaloupe, and raw grapes. Glycolic is an Acid Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) and its excellent exfoliant properties make it an ideal treatment for fading sun spots, acne scars, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion (30 min)  £ 65

Microdermambration facial.jpg
A clinically proven skin-resurfacing treatment. By gently exfoliating skin with aluminium oxide crystals, microdermabrasion can be used to solve a wide range of skin conditions on the face and body. Rejuvenating, smoothing lines and wrinkles, brightening dull, dehydrated skin and tackling blackheads and pores. It’s also very effective for reducing acne scarring and pigmentation caused by sun damage.

You will see the difference after just one treatment, but for even better results, a course of Microdermabrasion treatment is recommended.

Microdermabrasion and spa combine  (60 min)  £ 85

Microdermambration and spa facial.png

A renewing treatment which combines the benefits of the Microdermabrasion with our Spa Facial. The Microdermabrasion exfoliate the skin to promote cellular renewal while the customised facial soothes the skin. This combination works perfect as it will calm and prevent your skin from immediate redness and the products will penetrate deeper allowing amazing corrective results.

Ultimate Face Lifting Treatment (60 min)  £ 150

Ultimate Face Lifting Treatment .jpg
Your skin and The new generation of treatment for Facial Skin.
RF (Radio Frequency) Our T-shape generates a radio frequency multipolar alternating current from 2 MHz

The dermis, collagen-rich, heated to a temperature higher than 60C, is immediately denatured and the fibrils contract and thicken. In response to the initial heat is produced in a subsequent formation of new collagen, with a skin that appears firmer, compact and younger

Mesotherapy  (1 hour) 

This Digital skin needling treatment knowing as MesoVital or MesoME.  Amazing alternative to fillers or derma roller that work with fantastic long lasting results.

- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Skin rejuvenation
- Improve skin texture
- Acne and ice pick scar
- Delivers active ingredients to the skin 


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